Feeding ( bottle feeding and Breastfeeding)

-Finding the proper position for the baby is not only important for being comfortable for feeding, but will also help reduce stomach discomfort.

-I teach Paced Bottle feeding which will prevent over feeding and minimize gas.

-Create a system for your bottles. This will help you help with a critical routine and save you from needing to wash bottles at the last minute

-Create a station of snack and drinks next to where you typically feed.

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-Take a class before the baby is born- most offered through the place you will birth.

-Call your insurance to find out if a Breast pump is covered- most are.

-Be Patient, both you and your baby are learning

-Keep baby skin to skin and in the ‘Breastaurant’ during the first week.

-If it hurts, seek help. Most breastfeeding issues are related to incorrect positioning and latch and can be corrected easily.

-Use a lactation professional early on.


-Have a changing station on every floor of the house. You may think you will change diapers the most in the babies room, but it is awful carrying a baby with a poopy diaper up a flight of stairs.

– Convenience is key.

Changing table in the Living room.

-Sleeping when the baby sleeps is not always possible.

-If you or your partner need 8 hours of sleep, try to get that in spurts.

-It is no good if you are both exhausted all the time- tag team.

Skin-to-skin with the baby enhances bonding and sleep.